January 1

 2.57pm, Deschênes Rapids, Aylmer

January 2

8.38am, good morning...

January 3

6.18pm, Fish burgers. Dinner with sweet Emma

January 4

3.01pm, Ford Bronco Raptor detail, $140K plus, ouch! @ Campbell Ford, Ottawa

January 5

3.31pm, frozen sign at the Aylmer Marina

January 6

4.26pm, Deschênes Rapids, Aylmer, always a different mood at this place

January 7

8.57am, Bate Island on the Ottawa river...

January 8

3.44pm, On my widow sill, and that beautiful paua shell from New Zealand. New Zealand Abalone (Pāua Shell) is the most colourful abalone shell in the world

January 9

7.19pm, a little detail from my dining room table

January 10

12.32pm, Roadway on the Experimental Farm, Ottawa

January 11

7.29pm, The British pub and hotel, Aylmer

January 12

8.10pm. Radar tracking a major storm about to dump a load of snow on the Ottawa/Gatineau region.

January 13

9.34pm, Beer can still life, I worked from 4am through late afternoon, before bedtime, I had to find something for today's photo...

January 14

2.40pm, lovely ice formation at  Deschênes Rapids, Aylmer

January 15

11.05am, A Sunday drive to  our property at Lake Fairburn to check on the trailer. All is well. 

January 16

9.12pm, Photos of my life in Montana, displayed on shelving in our loft

January 17

6.06pm, before dinner beverage.

January 18

8.04pm, Alfred, our charismatic Russian Blue, fearless hunter, big-time purr puss.

January 19

9.07am, at work after another snow dump, moving cars so I can plow.

January 20

5.55am, Looking for stock numbers, relocating trucks for snow removal

January 21

8.57pm, Alfred, watching me watching TV, something I rarely do,

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