About Me

My life in photography, thus far...

I remember growing up in New Zealand, 10 years old,  and having a Kodak Brownie camera for a time.  Through teenage years and early adulthood there were sporadic spaces in my life when I did own a camera and larger spaces when did not.  This time-frame in my life was filled with competitive kayaking, surfing and learning to be an adult. (still learning, it’s an ongoing process)

Fast forward some years finds me working in Australia as an assistant in an large commercial studio, then some of my time in the US was with video production, mainly as a cameraman but with minimal photography in my life.  But this incessant irritant, a seed of unfulfilled passion for the art of creative photography was constantly banging on my door, so I just had to answer. It was either that or find some other outlet for my creative frustration.  So here I am, back with a passion for the creative art, a  photographer.

Next up was Canada and why Canada? Well I can pin that on my hopeless attraction to a very cute French Canadian lady I met in San Diego. Julie and I now live together in the town of Aylmer, Quebec with our four delightful children.  

You can send me a message here or call to talk about working together.  819 664 1059

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