I’m inspired…

My son, Louca  plays football for the Gatineau Vikings, now in his second year in the Peewee division is over.  Not much in the way of success this year but these kids and coaches sure did put their heart and souls into the season. Yes, I’m inspired by the volunteer coaches we have, for their dedication and caring commitment to bring out the best in these kids.  

As the saying goes; “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”  At practice sessions this season, I’ve had the pleasure of documenting the kids as they grow in game and character stature through hard work, bumps and bruises and the joy of plays completed. 

And the coaches who volunteered their time and passion for the game have also inspired me. Iv’e amassed a solid collection of images over the last two years and will be probably be back next season to do the same.  I love it…  See more photos here on my Sports gallery

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